Astrology & Bikinis

Clothes make the man & of course this also applies to the hottest of all garments - the bikini or swimsuit! But which colors, patterns and cuts underline your personality best? It's no secret that we are strongly influenced by different planetary constellations in our daily lives. The zodiac sign we were born under has a particularly intense effect on our character traits and personal interests - we often consult the stars when it comes to questions about love, career or our health.

Whether we were born an Aries, Virgo, or Leo, each personality hides powerful traits that we can highlight with the right style of clothing.

Use the energy of your horoscope and find your dream bikini that will give you a stunning appearance on your next beach vacation!

Capricorn: simple and elegant

(December 22 - January 19)

As a down-to-earth Capricorn woman, ambition and reliability are among your greatest strengths. Success and social status are immensely important to you. Your clothing style is characterized by classic cuts and dark colors - figure-hugging cuts and noble fabrics emphasize your preference for high-quality pieces. In the swimwear season you will be a real eye-catcher in elegant black and noble brown tones!

Astro Bikini Tip:

The chocolate brown Morocco bikini is made for you: the classic cut and the warm earth tone flatter your personality. The black Amalfi swimsuit with subtle cut-outs or the Bahama Mama halter bikini are also the right choice for Capricorn women to cut a stunning figure on the beach!

Aquarius: visionary and dazzling

(January 20 - February 19)

Aquarians are the visionaries among the zodiac signs and as born under the sign of air, they are true free spirits: your aura colors of blue and green underline your deep desire to drive change and symbolizes your inventiveness. The independent Aquarius woman is considered particularly innovative and adventurous- you love to stand out with your styling and are considered a true trendsetter !

Astro Bikini Tip:

As a creative free spirit, you can test out our mix & match options on a whim. Combine the blue Ibiza top with the high waist Bahama Mama panties or loll around in the sun in the Cannes swimsuit - the numerous blue and turquoise tones of our collection are guaranteed to make your heart beat faster!

Pisces: sensual and mysterious

(February 20 - March 20)

A mysterious aura surrounds the Pisces woman, for she has a vivid imagination and loves to indulge in her daydreams and elaborate visions. The closet of Pisces ladies is all about soft and luxurious fabrics. Especially ruffles, playful details pastel colors and deep green express the sensitive side of Pisces ladies.

Astro Bikini Tip:

Dark green Aruba swimsuit with asymmetrical design highlights your mysterious and imaginative personality. In our Ibiza top with ruffles and in the lascivious LA top with lace-up design you emphasize your feminine side. For the pastel lovers among the Pisces, the new Candy Print is the right choice: in this style your character shimmers with your bikini!

Aries: fiery and energetic

(March 21 - April 19)

As an Aries woman you have a special talent to assert yourself, a lot of energy and you always support your loved ones with words and deeds. As a child of spring you are often surrounded by a spirit of optimism and impulsiveness - you don't lack self-confidence and you love to work out in sports. Your astro colors of red and orange emphasize your spirited personality and give you an extra dose of energy for all your ambitious plans!

Astro Bikini Tip:

The copper capri swimsuit makes your skin shimmer silky. The red Bahama Mama bikini is the ideal choice for your impulsive personality full of drive! The burgundy Tulum set makes you look extra confident and feminine.

Taurus: casual and down-to-earth

(April 20 - May 20)

The passionate Taurus woman is characterized above all by her loyalty and down-to-earthness. Born under the sign of Earth, you crave peace and stability: the bohemian vibe is absolutely your cup of tea! Flowing fabrics and basic outfits flatter your laid-back character. Earth tones like green, terracotta or khaki look especially good on you!

Astro Bikini Tip:

Our khaki colored Aruba swimsuit or the Tulum bikini will make your nature-loving heart beat faster. Chocolate brown styles flatter your complexion: the classic Morocco set or the high-waist Bahama panties with the feminine Bermuda top underline your relaxed nature & radiate calmness and warmth.

Gemini: bold and varied

(May 21 - June 20)

As a Gemini woman you possess a positive and outgoing charisma, which is why you are always open to new things. You love variety and like to be practical, so your clothing style should match your exciting life! You are surrounded by the aura color yellow, which stands for optimism, playfulness and the connection to your inner child.

Astro Bikini Tip:

Our neon orange Hawaiian style is perfect for you to bring out your youthful vibe. The colorful bikiniartprint is also perfect for you, because this style is just bursting with joie de vivre. Pssst: the mix & match options of our bikinis are just the right choice for your adventurous personality.

Cancer: elegant and minimalist

(June 21-July 22)

The empathetic Cancer woman is a true summer child and has a strongly developed empathy capacity. You are a very freedom-loving person and need a lot of space for yourself and your imagination. The style of a Cancer lady is marked by elegance: although minimalist designs are often found in your closet, every outfit is planned out from head to toe. Classic white pieces are combined with silver, gold and high-quality materials. The color pink suits you perfectly, as it emphasizes your romantic and tender nature.

Astro Bikini Tip:

The soft pink of our Houndstooth print or the fresh flamingo pink of our Morocco bikini matches ideally with your sensitive personality. As a balanced Cancer woman, you can also wear white styles very well, which underline your balanced character. The pastel candy print from our new drop is guaranteed to make your styling heart beat faster!

Leo: fancy and opulent

(July 23 - August 23)

Leo women are ruled by the element of fire and love light and summer - in short, anything that shines and so it's no wonder your aura color is gold!

Your character is characterized by your love of freedom and independence, you come across as particularly self-confident and adventurous to others. As a Leo lady, you have a generous and proud heart and always want the best for yourself and those around you. Your opulent fashion sense is evident in your penchant for high-quality fabrics and fancy accessories - a Leo-born will therefore often be found wearing bright red!

Astro Bikini Tip:

Our red Bahama Mama is the ideal choice for you, as it highlights your passionate and sensual side. The red Amalafi swimsuit is the perfect companion for your adventures, because in the sexy one-piece nothing is guaranteed to slip and all eyes will follow you longingly!

Virgo: chic and elegant

(August 24 - September 22)

As a determined Virgo-born, perfectionism and organizational skills are among your strengths. You love it when everything around you has its order and are considered particularly reliable and dutiful. However, those who manage to look behind your cool facade will recognize your loving and passionate side.

As an earth sign, your styling likes to be classy and chic - a neutral creamy white emphasizes your feminine aura especially beautifully!

Astro Bikini Tip:

The cream-colored Cannes Swimsuit or the elegant Morocco Bikini are the ideal beach companions for your next short vacation. As an earth sign, warm shades like our chocolate brown Ischia Top also look great on you and underline your warm and feminine side.

Libra: charming and feminine

(September 23 - October 22)

The sophisticated Libra woman loves to dabble in the finer things in life like art and music. You like to philosophize to yourself and are always looking for new challenges. With your even-tempered nature and your lively charm, you easily wrap your counterpart around your finger. Your styling favorites include feminine looks, airy cuts and pastel shades. Bright pink underlines your cheeky side, which always surprises others and makes them laugh.

Astro Bikini Tip:

Our hottest bikini tip for you includes the flamingo-colored Morocco Style, which is just made for you with its classic cut and delicate colors. This season's fuchsia berry shades also match very well with your loving nature. In the white pink houndstooth print, you're guaranteed a stunning beach look!

Scorpio: extravagant and mysterious

(October 23 - November 21)

Born in the element of water, the Scorpio woman is bursting with passion and at the same time the most mysterious of the zodiac signs: you are very direct and extravagant, some also describe you as headstrong and sometimes downright secretive. Independence and privacy are especially important to you. Warm colors, elegant black and striking cuts make your styling heart beat faster!

Astro Bikini Tip:

Black swimwear styles are as mysterious and profound as you are, which is why you like to go for classic and timeless designs. The black Bahama Mama or the lace-up LA style will give you a touch of elegance and femininity, at the same time emphasizing your mysterious personality. If you'd rather go for warm tones, the red or copper Capetown swimsuit will flatter you!

Sagittarius: passionate and adventurous

(November 22 - December 21)

The Sagittarius woman is a very communicative, fun-loving and adventurous contemporary.
Headstrong, but also very passionate and out for fun - you can always be found where action meets adventure! With your optimistic personality, you love intense colors - from purple to royal blue to turquoise, you like to adorn yourself with bright blue hues and emphasize your adventurous nature.

Astro Bikini Tip:

Our fuchsia colored bermuda top highlights your feminine side and makes you look sensual. In the petrol blue of the Bermuda Top or in the Antigua Swimsuit you attract all eyes on you and are ideally equipped for your next adventure vacation!


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