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Covid-19 and the impact on the fashion industry

The German economy is already struggling with the consequences of the Corona virus - competitive companies can quickly find themselves in a threatening situation due to collapsing sales markets abroad, a lack of supplies or canceled events. According to the German government, bridging loans and rescue funds are intended to defuse the situation and be used as support measures for entrepreneurs. Find out how the Covid-19 situation affects the fashion industry in this article.

Impact of Covid-19 on the fashion industry

The fashion industry is also currently battling the effects of the Corona virus - on both a small and a very large scale.

Sales talks and events, such as fashion shows and fashion fairs, are being put on hold for the time being. Stores have to close temporarily as a protective measure. The supply chain, which is essential for the fashion industry, is also frequently interrupted, as entire production companies have to close, resulting in increased delays in the delivery of fabrics and textiles. This interrupts the sampling process in many ways. Already, two-thirds of the manufacturers united in the fashion association Deutschland Germanfashion are expecting rising procurement prices, especially for the 2020/21 fall/winter collection. One-third even anticipates cancellations of parts of production. Association president Gerd Oliver Seidensticker commented on the forecasts: "I don't think consumers will notice any of this, given the abundance of supply."

Rethinking all along the line

This sentence should definitely make us think. Is our own consumer behavior, which has been so taken for granted up to now, appropriate at all? Apart from the anyway harmful effects of almost fashion on the climate of our earth, do we not also notice that this permanent urge for ever newer and ever more exclusive products closes our eyes for the really important things in life?

Now that the world is holding its breath, perhaps the ideal time has come to rethink certain patterns of behavior and consumer decisions. Time to go into oneself. Time to pay attention to the really important things - like family and your own health. In this way, the quarantine that was forced upon us often gives rise to surprisingly sudden flexibility - in politics and business alike. Many employers realize that home office as part of the work culture brings significant benefits: the environmental impact of the many commuters and the high CO2 emissions is massively reduced - for example, the air quality in China and northern Italy has already improved significantly in recent weeks. So while the economy suffers massively from the effects of COVID 19, the environment benefits - the fewer CO2 emissions, the sooner the goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference come within reach - these include reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

Environmental protection at Lanasia

LANASIA is particularly concerned about protecting the environment. We stand for sustainability all along the line - this begins with the production of our high-performance materials and continues through all instances. Since the founding of our fashion label LANASIA, we have been committed to climate-friendly and CO2-saving production of our materials. By using regenerated nylon for many of our products, we save close to 57,100 tons of CO2 per 10,000 tons of raw material. However, this is only one aspect of a holistic sustainable corporate philosophy. In the design process of our collections, we take care not to create short-term trends, but long-lasting IT pieces for style-conscious women. For our swimwear collection, for example, we use only chlorine-resistant materials, which is why the fabrics of LANASIA products are enormously resistant to environmental influences. We want to sensitize our consumers to Slow Fashion , which is why we have decided not to offer free returns in order to encourage more conscious purchases. We are therefore happy to advise our customers on suitable sizes and product information via our Whatsapp customer service (+41791725959) as well as via mail at

As founders of a sustainable business concept for fashion, we always see new opportunities to improve our production in harmony with nature and to add new, sustainable aspects. LANASIA is a pioneer in the sustainable fashion industry in this respect, which for us means always adapting, evolving and improving to the demands of our environment. We hope that many other companies in the fashion industry will be inspired by our sustainable company philosophy, for example by setting up home-office workplaces, a CO2-saving production of textiles and fabrics and, above all, raising awareness of purchasing decisions.

With cohesion through the crisis

Even if the fashion industry will incur losses on many levels this year due to the Corona pandemic, we still try not to lose heart and stand together in solidarity.

Our motto: Think positively! We can now use all the time in our beautiful home productively - spring is already knocking on the door and it's high time for a current inventory of your wardrobe! When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? A well-stocked wardrobe makes room for great new products and also gives us the opportunity to earn some money on the side. Have you ever tried the flea market apps Kleiderkreisel or Maedchenflohmarkt ? Here you can easily sell your wardrobe and extend the life of your clothes - because the next consumer will be happy about your sorted out clothes. This is how you effectively counteract fast fashion ! Share on Instagram under the hashtag #LanasiaPositivity and #Stayathome how you use the time at home wisely and what treasures are hiding in your closet! We share these impressions all week on our Instagram page @lanasia_official. With cohesion we can overcome this crisis and look positively into the future.

A wave of solidarity is already going through the affected countries: in Italy a ritual has been established to step on the balconies every evening at 18:00 and applaud for the doctors who are working at full pressure. People step up to their windows with instruments and candles to offer encouragement and show solidarity for one another. A friend from the quarantine area in northern Italy writes, "We must remain united and hopeful. I have never experienced such a feeling of belonging and solidarity". We want to call you to this solidarity as well, and we're excited to see your posts and stories about how you're using your time at home in a positive way! #LanasiaPositivity


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