Sustainable packaging and logistics

Products are often advertised as sustainable, but are wrapped in many layers of plastic, creating an enormous amount of waste. A high rate of returns also increases the carbon footprint - not only of the company itself, but also of the consumer. In contrast, selected eco-friendly packaging helps companies reduce their environmental footprint by using fewer raw materials and creating less waste. Stability and tightness should not suffer, however - cardboard and paper are considered ideal packaging alternatives, as they are lightweight for transport and also easily recyclable.

Our sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly logistics are an important part of our 6-pillar sustainability concept.

  • All LANASIA products are shipped in a Keep Forever Box or in a Eco-Versand Box.

    The Eco-Versand Box ismade of untreated, ecological cardboard with a black print using water-based ink. By not using additional layers of paper and dyes, this packaging is a particularly ecological and sustainable solution. The material used is plastic-free, biodegradable, renewable, weight-reducing and compostable.

    The Keep Forever LANASIA Box promises a unique product experience. This is made of a high quality F-flute and features a hot foil imprint. The box can be used as a long-term storage box.

  • The LANASIA tissue paper is plastic free, biodegradable, renewable, weight reduced and compostable. LANASIA logo printing is done with black water-based ink by digital printing.

  • Our flyers and hangtags are exclusively printed on Blue Angel certified paper. The Blue Angel has been the environmental label of the German government for over 40 years. It sets demanding standards for environmentally friendly products and services and provides orientation for sustainable purchasing.

  • Our invoices are sent digitally only to avoid unnecessary paper consumption.

Green logistics

  • Our logistics has a "family friendly company" seal and is located in a green inudstry area certified by the German Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure.

  • Returns have a huge impact on our environment, so we do not offer free returns. In the spirit of slow fashion we want to encourage conscious purchases and therefore place a lot of emphasis on individual size advice before buying with our FIT GUIDES and personal advice via email: or via Whatsapp: +41 79 182 5959.


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