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From mountain panoramas to bikinis

Our Story

Year 2019

Why did we launch LANASIA?

Our story begins in the beautiful mountain landscape of the Alps, where we grew up together as sisters. Due to our closeness to nature, we developed a strong awareness of our environment at an early age. Our origins are the reason why we decided to build LANASIA on the pillars of sustainability & slow fashion from the very beginning.

We quickly realized that there was no brand that combined sustainability with exciting designs. That's why we founded our eco-friendly swimwear label LANASIA, proving that sustainability can also be sexy & stylish!

Anna Sophia Beck Creative director & founder of LANASIA

February 2022

3 years of LANASIA!

3 years of heart and sweat. A lot of work, a lot of frustration, a lot of fun, a lot of ups and downs. 3 years of loyalty from you, our valued customers. Only in our dreams could we have imagined back then that we would be where we are today. We would like to thank you for that.

During this time, we have outgrown ourselves and have been able to learn an incredible amount. We have often been almost desperate, often overwhelmed with joy. Overwhelmed by how much support and love we receive from you as customers. Seeing our bikinis and swimming costumes being worn by you at various places and beaches around the globe fills us with incredible joy.

Reaching out to so many women - young and young at heart - to spread our important message and raise awareness for women empowerment and body positivity makes us proud. Mighty proud.

It took us 3 years ago to get this stone rolling. But you - who support us and our vision, live and buy our pieces.


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Impressions from our everyday life

Behind The Scenes of LANASIA

Fun Fact

The name LANASIA

When Anna-Sophia was a child, she couldn't pronounce her name properly - she always called herself "ANA-SIA". The L in front of ANASIA stands for Lisa-Maria. The accent of LANASIA is on the i, as with the name Sophia. LANA - SIA.

Our credo

Sexy, Stylish & Sustainable

For us, being sexy and stylish is a holistic attitude to life. On the one hand, feeling sexy means freely celebrating one's individual beauty and confidently wrapping one's body in feminine cuts and colours. On the other hand, sexiness is not limited to an outward appearance, but is an inner attitude. Developing environmentally friendly consumer behaviour, taking responsibility and creating awareness - a conscious attitude is the new art of being sexy!

For us, pursuing a sustainable corporate philosophy means implementing a concept that is subject to constant adaptation and improvement. Because sustainability does not end with the use of environmentally friendly materials. Sustainability is much more: from creating a valuable community of consciousness (our Community of Consciousness) to water-saving printing methods, implementing slow fashion processes, using certified materials and continuously optimizing our company transparency. You can read about our efforts to pioneer sustainable fashion and an innovative future for the fashion world here.

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LANASIA and sustainability

Our mission

We believe that as a community we can and must make sustainable changes in our consumption patterns. LANASIA strives to advance the vision of a greener and healthier planet. We show you that sustainability can also be sexy.

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Concentrated women's power

Our team

We are a small, powerful team and want to promote the strengths and passions of each individual. This is our secret recipe for why our ladies enjoy being part of the team and why they also like to bring their own creative ideas into the business.

We have set ourselves the goal of becoming an attractive employer and to pass on our values to our valued employees and partners.

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