Fabrics and materials

What material are our collections made of?

The fabrics used for all our LANASIA sustainable swim, beach and fitness fashion collections are made from recycled ECONYL® or REPREVE®.

How are these fabrics produced?

Regenerated nylon is made from waste products, such as old plastic bottles or old fishing nets that pollute our oceans. This supports environmental initiatives to clean the oceans and beaches from harmful plastic waste - for a greener future!

What special features do our fabrics offer?

The fabrics that can be made from ECONYL® and REPREVE® are very hard-wearing, particularly durable and robust against wear and tear. We only use pollutant-free and recycled materials to make our collections as durable, human-ecological and environmentally friendly as possible.

What are the advantages of recycled nylon compared to conventional nylon?

ECONYL® and REPREVE® are infinitely recyclable and open up unlimited possibilities for the fashion industry: Producers, designers and consumers alike benefit from the regenerated material. Recycled nylon is not only a clever solution to significantly reduce plastic waste on our planet and to produce new, delicate fabrics from post-consumer waste. At the same time, this method is an important contribution to climate protection, because high CO2 emissions contribute significantly to the greenhouse effect and long-term global warming.
For every 10,000 tonnes of ECONYL® raw material, companies can save 70,000 barrels of crude oil and at the same time avoid 57,100 tonnes of CO2 emissions.


What special features does our swimwear have?

Our swimwear and beachwear benefits from the special nature of recycled fabrics. The high resistance to environmental influences preserves the colour brilliance of our products for a long time - in the spirit of slow fashion, because all our collections are designed with longevity and timelessness in mind. The swimwear fabrics reflect sunlight in a special way and offer very high UV protection for our sensitive skin (SPF 50).

What advantages does our swimwear offer you?

- Highlights your feminine beauty
- Gives you a positive body feel
- Makes you appear more feminin and self-confident
- Increases your self-esteem
- Makes you unique

- UV-Protection SPF 50
- Chlorine resistant
- Saltwater resistant
- Ultra-quick drying
- Cozy
- 100% opaque
- Pollutant-free

- Push-up effect
- No cutting-in
- Hides problem zones
- Silky-soft wearing comfort
- Secure hold without slipping
- 100% opaque

- Recycled fabrics for a positive environmental balance
- Free from harmful substances and chemicals
- Conserves natural resources

- Supports fair and social production conditions
- Supports social commitment

Which swimwear style is right for me?

In order to meet your personal needs, the different cuts of our sustainable bikini tops and bottoms can be combined individually.

Find out which designs of our eco-friendly swimwear flatter your figure best and which recycled bottoms showcase your legs in the best possible way. Get inspired, mix & match our sustainable styles to suit your individual style!


How is LANASIA committed to sustainability?

LANASIA has been committed to sustainable business development and an environmentally conscious rethink in society since the company was founded in 2018. We strive to implement environmentally friendly standards in a new era of corporate culture. Therefore, we pursue a holistic sustainability concept based on 6 pillars.

How do I support LANASIA with my purchase to actively promote environmental protection?

By buying recycled LANASIA products, you support us in pursuing and optimising our 6-pillar concept of sustainability. Thanks to people like you, we are able to revolutionize the future of fashion in a sustainable way!

You also support us in our mission to promote a plastic-free future for the oceans. Per Style, we recycle plastic from the environment that pollutes our ecosystem and endangers land and aquatic life.

The recycled and upcycled yarn is made into the finest nylon fabric and returned to the fabric cycle as a new style.

-We recycle 200 grams of plastic per bikini.

Care of our products

How do I care for LANASIA products properly?

We have chosen recycled fabrics for our products because they are ecologically balanced, have a unique texture and are robust against environmental influences. In the spirit of slow fashion, our products are designed to be timeless and can be worn for more than one season.

That's why we've put together the best care tips for you:

- LANASIA swim and fitness wear can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C on the gentle cycle.
- It is best to wash inside out and in a textile net to preserve seams and brightness.
- To preserve the colour optimally, we recommend washing bikinis and swimming costumes in fresh water after wearing them in salt water and drying them in the shade.
- To prevent the textile fibres from coming off, we recommend that you do not spin dry our styles.
- Our products must not be ironed or bleached.


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