Mineral sunscreen as an environmentally friendly alternative

Sun rays - vitamin D booster or risk factor? After a seemingly endless winter, we long for light, warmth, sun rays on our skin. After all, the golden rays have numerous positive effects on our health - through our skin we can absorb vitamin D, which strengthens our immune system and makes us happy and content all around. However, due to the ever thinning ozone layer, the sun's rays are getting stronger and stronger. The sun's rays can be divided into UV and UV-B rays, which can accelerate skin aging and cause sunburns or, in the worst case, skin cancer. But which sunscreen is not only good for our skin, but also harmless to the environment? Read now about the benefits of mineral sunscreen.

Chemical vs. mineral sunscreen

Sunscreens can be divided into chemical and mineral varieties, with the former causing enormous damage to our bodies and our environment!

We'll show you the difference:

Chemical sunscreen

Chemical sunscreens contain toxic substances that can be absorbed by your skin. This can even cause your hormone balance to go haywire. Parts of these chemical ingredients have even been detected in breast milk, which means that babies can also come into contact with these substances. Chemical sunscreen also only protects after a certain time after application and can lead to irritation on the skin and in the eyes.

Another important aspect of why you should avoid chemical sunscreen is the negative impact it has on our environment. Researchers have found that certain ingredients in conventional sunscreens have a damaging effect on coral reefs. Many drugstore sunscreens contain toxic chemicals that can be deposited on coral in the water, which can lead to the death of entire reefs even in small amounts.

Mineral sunscreen

Therefore, a great alternative is mineral sunscreens, which work on a natural basis. The applied minerals on your skin bounce UVA and UVB rays and protect your skin with ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These mineral UV filters act like a protective layer on your skin, reflecting UV rays like tiny mirrors. Since the substances don't absorb deeply into the skin and, as an organic product, have no questionable ingredients, organic mineral sunscreens are the best choice for your body and the environment.

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