Social commitment

Active climate protection

As an environmentally friendly company, a continuous contribution to active climate protection is particularly close to our hearts.

  • Every year, we donate 10% of our revenue from the month with the highest sales to a non-profit organization. In our first entrepreneurial year (2019), we donated to the Ocean Clean Upinitiative .
  • As part of our membership with LFCA, we support various environmental projects to offset necessary CO2 emissions .

Social commitment

  • In 2020, we supported the BLACKLIVESMATTER movement to set an example against racism and for diversity.

  • FEMALE EMPOWERMENT is also among our key concerns. LANASIA is a women empowering fashion brand. We are committed to making every woman feel beautiful and strong in her body -
    which is why we also advertise with the slogan "SEXY & SUSTAINABLE":

    For us, beingsexy means being proud of oneself, emphasizing one's own femininity and showcasing it individually.

    means for us to follow a holistic concept of sustainability and to constantly improve these aspects. So we use mainly recycled or natural materials for our high-performance clothing

  • We always pay attention to equal treatment in the application process of our cooperation partners and models and clearly position ourselves against any kind of discrimination.


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