Swimwear trends 2022

The 2022 swimwear season will be even hotter, bolder and most importantly, more confident! The motto for this year's season underlines our deep desire for self-acceptance and body positivity: love your body and yourself. The feel-good factor is definitely at the top of the list this year. It doesn't matter if you're a size 34 or 46, low bust or a voluptuous bust - we deserve to feel amazing in a bikini! And that's not all - the topic of sustainability is also particularly important this year. Environmentally friendly materials, fair production and low-CO2 shipping are at least as important as cuts and design: in harmony with nature, we feel super comfortable not only visually, but also conscientiously. With LANASIA, we have been developing fair and feminine swimwear under the motto "Sexy & Sustainable" since the company was founded.

Of course, the aim is to optimally emphasize one's own assets while cleverly hiding the small problem zones. Pleasant fabrics, flattering cuts and high-quality designs give us an all-round good feeling.

We tell you which fabrics, colors and cuts are in vogue this season and which flatter you the most - so you can enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Bikini trends

Bikinis with structure

Fabrics with a ribbed structure like our pink Morocco Style, Bermuda Top or the popular Ibiza Top make your skin look velvety and tanned as they create a special glow effect.

Criss-Cross Designs

Criss-cross bikinis like our best-selling Los Angeles or Miamian top were already a real eye-catcher on the beach last season, as they give your chest a great push-up effect. Our new Bermuda Top not only offers the popular push effect, but is also especially comfortable to wear: thanks to the over-the-shoulder straps, we say neck pain au revoir!

Playful designs

Playful designs look youthful and are especially great for slim women to make their figure appear curvier. Ruffles or flounces at the neckline, like on our Ibiza Top, automatically make the cup look bigger and fuller. Also bows or styles to tie at the neckline like the Marbella Top or the Ischia Top make the breast look more voluminous and create a great push-up effect.

Side tie panties like the Los Angeles panties are also very popular this season: the bikini bottoms can be adjusted individually and make your hips look more feminine.

80s look bikinis

The 80s look is making its way into the swimwear world this season. High-waist panties with a very high leg cut like the Bahama Mama bottom are combined with stylish belts, scarves or necklaces to put a special focus on your waist. Your benefit? This style makes your belly and waist look slimmer and your legs look elongated. Black styles enhance this effect even more.

Swimsuit trends

Swimsuits flatter the figure because they conceal small problem areas, enhance the popular hourglass effect of a feminine silhouette and hide small problem areas. We are completely in love with the new models of the season, because from the padded push-up swimsuit to the sexy halterneck one-piece you are guaranteed to find your favorite style!

Swimsuits with deep V-neck

A V-neck looks elegant and sexy while still conjuring up a great slimming effect. Styles like the Puglia Swimsuit are therefore very suitable for women with a rather short torso, as it stretches the figure and makes it look longer. Additional cut-outs in the décolleté of our Amalfi Sw imsuit look sexy & playful - for the particularly daring, the extravagant, very deep V-neckline of our Tropezienne Swimsuit is a great option for an exciting beach look.

Swimsuits with high leg cut

A high leg cut is also very popular in swimsuits, as it makes your legs look ultra slim and visually longer. In styles like the Aruba Swimsuit and the Rio Swimsuit, your hips will also look narrower because the leg cut doesn't end directly at the hip area, but rather puts the accent on your pelvis.

Swimsuits with padded cups

Padded cups are suitable for pretty much every breast type: small breasts are pushed by underwires and padded cups and appear fuller and more voluminous.
For large breasts, this style offers extra support and maximum comfort, as nothing slips and you can feel secure and comfortable all around. Our Rapallo Swimsuit and Antigua Swimsuit are therefore the best choice if you want a very feminine look.

Swimsuits with one-shoulder design

One-pieces with one-shoulder designs are real eye-catchers: our Rio Swimsuit and the Capetown Swimsuit with one-sided straps are perfect for women with smaller breasts who want an exciting look. Especially the Capetown Swimsuit guarantees a secure hold in the water.

Swimsuits with exciting back design

A beautiful back can also delight - true to this motto, we love swimsuits with sexy back cutouts this season. Styles like the Cannes Swimsuit, the Antigua Swimsuit or the Tropezienne Sw imsuit convince with playful details, halter design and individually adjustable band at the back. The Rio Sw imsuit convinces with diagonal band and playful ring details.

Swimsuits with belt

Swimsuits with belts are a real styling highlight this year: no wonder, because the looks with retro touch beautifully emphasize your waist. Our Rapallo Swimsuit with finely twisted cord at the waist sets feminine accents. In bright red you become a sexy Baywatch mermaid, in plain black you achieve a great slimming effect. The sexy halter style tropezienne, on the other hand, has an extra thin cord that doesn't add bulk but still offers a slimming effect for your waist.


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