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Sustainable fabrics

Our mission is to combine the highest quality with sustainable materials. That is why all the fabrics used for our LANASIA collections of eco-friendly swim, beach and fitness fashion are made of recycled ECONYL® or REPREVE®, which are among the market leaders in recycled fibers. Regenerated nylon is made from waste products containing PET, such as discarded plastic bottles or old fishing nets. Using recycled fabrics helps environmental initiatives to rid our oceans and beaches of harmful plastic waste. In addition, these methods save CO2 because no new polyester fibers need to be produced. The polyester that already exists is reintroduced into the material cycle.

Recycled materials

  • ECONYL® is infinitely recyclable and unleashes unlimited possibilities for the fashion industry: producers, designers and consumers alike benefit from the regenerated material. Fabrics that can be made from ECONYL® are very durable and can withstand many environmental stresses. That is why clothing made from ECONYL® is particularly durable and robust in the face of wear and tear.

  • Repreve® is a 100% recycled polyester fiber. Repreve polyester has the same properties and appearance as conventional polyester, but is significantly more environmentally friendly. In addition, Repreve® is traceable. Each individual fiber has a so-called fiberprint™, a signature that verifies Repreve content in relation to quantity and certification.


As a young fashion label, we take great pride in using toxin-free and recycled materials to make our collections as durable, human-ecological and eco-friendly as possible. We believe that as a young company, we have an important role to play in establishing these standards in the company culture and inspiring consumers and businesses to make environmental protection a cornerstone in their way of thinking. We only have one blue planet and our task is to protect it collectively and in the best possible way!

All our fabrics used for swimwear, beachwear and fitnesswear are certified with the STANDARD 100 textile label by OEKO-TEX®.

This certification is one of the world's best known product labels for textiles tested for harmful substances and therefore guarantees the highest level of safety. The label reliably indicates that all textile materials used - from yarn to dyeing to the finished article - have been tested for harmful substances and are therefore harmless to human ecology .
We are also particularly proud of the innovative digital printing method we use , which reduces toxic chemicals, is ultra-precise and saves water compared to traditional printing methods.

The testing of our fabrics is carried out by the independent OEKO-TEX® institute and is based on the extensive, constantly updated criteria catalog. In the testing procedure, extensive substances that could be harmful to human health are tested, and the limit values set even exceed national and international specifications.

We have been pursuing this high standard for our substances since our company was founded:

"My sister Lisa and I grew up in the beautiful mountain landscape of the Alps. From the beginning of our company's foundation, we knew how important it is to use our planet's resources responsibly. Concern for our planet led to a strong interest in using innovative fabrics. By using our high-performance fabrics made from recycled materials, we want to make a statement for a greener future and a cleaner planet."

- Anna-Sophia Beck, Designer & Creative Director of LANASIA


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