Fair production

Behind every single LANASIA product is the work of many individuals. Sustainability therefore begins with all the people who are committed to LANASIA. By promoting fair working conditions and resource-saving methods, we are making a clear statement for the future of slow fashion.

Production sites

Our production sites are located in Portugal/ Europe and Bali/ Indonesia. We consider these locations to be particularly valuable:

Portugal/ Europe: Our womenswear and parts of the sustainable swimwear collections are made in Portugal in a small family business. Portugal is a country with a great tradition in textile manufacturing as well as textile processing. More than 12,000 companies in the textile and fashion industry are located there. In Portugal, the provisions of international labor law apply and textile workers are unionized. We visit the production company on site at regular intervals to see for ourselves that fair and sustainable working conditions are being observed.

Bali/ Indonesia: The Pacific island is known as a global epicenter for plastic waste - but the main reason for this is that Western industrialized countries like Germany export millions of tons of plastic waste to the Southeast Asian region every year. The local population has no functioning waste system, which is why they urgently need support in waste management. We have decided to show local people the possibilities of PET recycling and provide them with a secure job under fair conditions.

Indonesia has been part of the International Labor Organization's Better Work program since 2011, which aims to improve working conditions in garment factories while promoting productivity and competitiveness. Our British-managed manufacturing company has been established on the Pacific island for more than 30 years, ensuring a safe and pleasant working environment for its employees. Textile workers are paid double the minimum wage. All dyeing is eco-certified and packaging is done in biodegradable bags. Fabric waste is donated to the local community for their own use and recycled. The Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Indonesia conducts annual inspections of our production company.

Through a visit on site we could convince ourselves of the very good working conditions. In addition, we are in permanent exchange with our contact persons.

Working conditions

We are in close exchange with our production companies and check in regular intervals the compliance with fair and social working conditions.

This includes:

  1. Regulated working and break times.
  2. Safe working environment
  3. No discrimination against people on the basis of gender, skin color, religious affiliation or origin
  4. Fair payment
  5. Regular exchange with local employees
  6. Use of pollutant-free and human-ecologically harmless materials
  7. Eco-certified dyeing
  8. Donation of fabric scraps to the local population
  9. Education on waste management on site
  10. Compliance with hygiene standards during the Covid-19 pandemic
  11. Regular audits of safe working conditions by independent auditing bodies and our company


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