Healthy and Sustainable Living - Why Committing to a More Sustainable Lifestyle is Fulfilling

Sustainable is the new sexy - Why the mega trend does not limit us in our self-expression, but lets us shine in harmony with nature. Discover your femininity and protect our planet with the new styles from LANASIA.

Sustainability is without a doubt the mega trend in the 21st century. At the latest since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations, it is clear, the topic "Sustainable Future" is a task that can only be solved collectively - especially companies and individuals bear a great responsibility for the preservation of our blue planet.

Trends are known to be the essence of the fashion industry. If the demand for sustainably produced clothing increases, so does the market share of companies that take on these desires of their customers. LANASIA understands this trend as a holistic corporate philosophy and is committed to fair working conditions and, in particular, to the protection of our oceans. Despite these developments, many prejudices still exist about the concept of sustainability in the fashion industry. Critics argue that sustainable fashion is not chic enough and that many people are not willing to buy less in order to live a zero-waste lifestyle.

LANASIA, however, proves that sustainable is the new sexy and the quality of products increases enormously - you don't need to buy less, but to buy better! With coral-colored bikinis and perfectly fitting sportswear made of recycled materials, we counteract these prejudices. After all, what could be more dressy than being in harmony with yourself and nature? LANASIA's new campaign for the 2020 summer collection therefore also bears the title "Power of Nature", which perfectly underlines the elements of our corporate philosophy: Embrace your body and your planet while looking absolutely sexy.

Sustainable is the new sexy!


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