Lanasia receives exhibition space in the world's unique bikini art museum

The world's first bikini art museum will celebrate its opening in Bad Rappenau on July 05, 2020, just in time for International Bikini Day.
As a young fashion label we are very proud to have our own exhibition space next to worn bikinis of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot. From now on you can find the exhibit of our sustainably designed bikini under the category Women - Power & Future. We are also especially pleased to announce that Lanasia, as a pioneer of sustainable swimwear, has been awarded the International Janara Swimwear Award 2020 in the Newcomer category.

The Bikiniart Museum in Bad Rappenau

The Bikiniart Museum in Bad Rappenau is unique in the world. In this special place, the entire historical and contemporary knowledge on the subject of swimwear and swimwear culture is exhibited. This unique collection includes rarities from three centuries and all continents. In addition to rarities of exclusive luxury labels such as Dior, Chanel and Pucci, the museum exhibits almost all the pieces of Louis Réard, the inventor of the bikini himself. Only 16 pieces still exist worldwide, 12 of which can be found in the BikiniARTMuseum. A special highlight of the designer is the historically most valuable bikini in the world, entitled: "The Golden Réard".

On July 05, 2020, the international day of the bikini, the museum opens its doors to visitors and interested people from all over the world. The museum sees itself as a meeting place for swimwear enthusiasts around the globe. Journalists, curators, school classes and fashion students are therefore cordially invited to come and see the impressive swimwear collection for themselves. The museum's contents are designed to appeal in particular to a young target group. The refreshing combination of historical museum, art exhibition and multimedia show experience makes a visit to Bad Rappenau a very special experience. Here you will meet international artists, influencers and swimwear fans from all continents. In the future, the museum will be considered a true lifestyle hotspot - and with its creative, provocative and emotional atmosphere, it will become a lively place of inspiration.

Emancipation and Women Power

The development of bathing culture impressively shows the rocky road to emancipation women had to travel on many continents. For more than 100 years, women in various places around the world fought against social expectations and political bathing regulations. The prescribed bathing costumes, some of which consisted of very thick layers of clothing, could even prove fatal for the wearer. Even today, there are reservations about Western female swimwear in countries with conservative governments. The museum takes a clear position against the stance of these swimwear bans, some of which still prevail:

"Whether and to what extent a woman wants to show her body while bathing should ultimately be her individual decision - regardless of the "ideal bikini figure" that is often propagated in the media and advertising world. Our mission is therefore to encourage women of all ages, figures and skin colors to be "brave" and to break away from conventional beauty ideals a little. Woman is most beautiful when she feels comfortable and happy with herself."

That's why the Bikiniart Museum Foundation has created the International Board of Swimwear History. This board aims to fight for the interests and equality of women in society. Especially for this motto there is a separate area in the museum, which stands for the free development of women with the title "Woman Power" .

Dedicated museum space for the bikini of the future

We are proud to announce that our fashion label Lanasia, as a pioneer of sustainable swimwear in the DACH region, will now have its own exhibition space in the Bikiniart Museum. Under the category Woman - Power & Future we will showcase the manufacturing process of our sustainable fabrics - from the recycled fabric to the finished designer bikini. From now on, visitors can experience first-hand how a new bikini is created from old ocean plastic. We are honored to be part of the unique collection at the Bikiniart Museum as a pioneer of eco-friendly swimwear.

As a sister-founded and women-empowering fashion label, Lanasia is committed to equality and self-confidence for women of all backgrounds. Our motto "sexy & sustainable" is not only meant to emphatically emphasize the importance of feeling strong and beautiful in your own body. With our recycled swimwear, we are also sending a clear message that the future of swimwear must be eco-friendly in order to rid the sensitive ocean ecosystem of plastic in the long run. We are very excited to underline this message with our own exhibition space and to become part of the International Swimwear Community.

Swimwear Community

As a place of International Gathering, the Bikiniart Museum promotes the exchange of swimwear enthusiasts around the globe. The culture of today's swimwear is associated with freedom and with pleasure. A woman who wants to buy a bikini thinks of positive vibes and sand between her toes - this is the feeling the museum wants its exhibits to convey:

"On the beach, social covers come off. Everyone wears their most emotional garment. A special space and community is created. This spirit should also be felt in the Bikiniart Museum."

With our feminine, sustainable Lanasia designs, we care about highlighting the individual assets of women with a wide variety of figures and styles. Consumers should be educated of the importance of recycling and resource conservation at the same time. We are committed to plastic-free oceans and ecosystems and take great pride in connecting our Community of Consciousness internationally.

Janara Swimwear Award 2020

The Bikiniart Museum sees itself as a tribute to the determined forerunners and pioneers of swimwear culture. Therefore, the symbolic figure "Janara" was created, which stands for the long way of liberation. In 2020, the Museum's panel will award the International Swimwear Janara Swimwear Award for the first time. The panel consists of the most influential, international swimwear experts.

Lanasia has been awarded first place in the Janara Swimwear Award's Newcomer category . This award especially recognizes the exceptional talent, creativity and innovation of a newcomer collection.

As a startup fashion label, we are deeply honored to receive this award. Our collections are always focused on environmental protection and the beauty of the female silhouette, which is why we are especially pleased to have been awarded in the category of creativity and innovation . We sincerely thank the entire team at Bikiniartmuseum for welcoming us into their community and honoring us with this special award, and we look forward to working on more projects together! #StayTuned


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